How to improve your ‘Work From Home’ environment

As we’ve made the transition to remote working this year, many of us have found ourselves shortening our commute to a room just down the hallway. Whilst adapting to a new working space, you may be left wondering how to best tune the environment to improve productivity and comfortability. Take a look at a few of our top tips to help you.

Remember comfort is key

A long day full of virtual meetings, telephone calls and report writing will certainly take its toll on your body if you’re not sat in the correct chair. When it comes to home-working, it’s important to invest in a durable chair that perfectly supports your posture so you’re not bearing a bad back.

Colour up

Colours that we find in nature, such as warm browns, earthy greens and tranquil blues, are proven to lower stress levels and sharpen your focus. Take this into consideration when you choose a colour scheme for your working space. Whether you prefer to go bold and make a statement with colour or opt for a more subtle touch, incorporating these shades in your working environment will help to induce a sense of calm.

Add greenery

As well as adding a little character your office, potted plants help to improve a sense of well-being. If you don’t want or need the extra responsibility of upkeep, opt for artificial plants that require no maintenance.

Embrace natural lighting

If you can, position your desk so that you’re facing towards the window to help avoid a gloomy, lacklustre atmosphere. Natural lighting has been scientifically proven to help regulate mood levels, improve productivity and provide a good dose of Vitamin D!

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