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Energy-efficient new build homes

A Fletcher Home promises to give our homeowners more space through considered design and construction and more natural light. In addition, our homes promise to provide you with an energy-efficient space for your family, reducing the cost of your home bills, whilst helping us in our mission to do our bit for the environment. Our A-grade boilers, energy efficient white goods and sound protection are just a few examples of our environmental sustainability.

Being sympathetic of the environment is something we take into consideration every step of the way – from initial scope and design to the construction and completion of each home. For us, our development are much more than simply housing – they’re communities and we build with this at the forefront, taking into account any wildlife and foliage that is found in the area.

Developments that support green living

All our developments are built in locations that offer fantastic public transport connections, which supports low carbon alternatives for travel.

Landscaping to support the environment

We understand the responsibility we have as a builder to protect the environment. All developments are finished with beautiful landscaping that provides sanctuary for wildlife.

Investment in public open spaces

It’s important we provide outdoor space for our owners, as well as wildlife and we invest in dedicated, landscaped public open spaces for every development.

New Build Apartments Shropshire

Building new homes responsibly

As a company, we’re working towards building greener homes – both in terms of energy efficiency for our owners, and the processes we undergo when building our properties. Following safe industry standard working practices allows us to be the perfect neighbours during our construction process.

We’re always investigating and identifying ways in which we can adapt and improve the materials we use and the processes we follow to achieve even higher levels of energy efficiency in our homes by embracing new construction techniques.

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