Getting Luxury Interiors on a Budget


Getting Luxury Interiors on a Budget

20 March 2024

Whether you’ve just moved into your dream home or you’re preparing for the big day, it’s always a good time to learn how to personalise your space and turn it into a haven that reflects your unique style. While creating a luxurious environment might seem like a budget-buster, we believe luxury is achievable for everyone. Let’s explore some clever hacks to transform your Fletcher Home into an interior design masterpiece, without breaking the bank.

Light up your life

Strategic lighting plays a key role in stepping up the interiors of your Fletcher Home. Tone down the overhead lights and embrace the warmth of lamps, wall sconces, and carefully placed fairy lights or light strips. This creates a more intimate and inviting atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day. When choosing light fixtures, remember bigger can be bolder. A statement pendant light or an oversized floor lamp can add a touch of drama and sophistication to any space.

The power of decluttering

Simplicity is one of the keys to achieving a luxurious feel. Embrace the minimalist approach by decluttering your forever home. Invest or repurpose storage solutions to ensure everything has a designated place, creating a streamlined and organised atmosphere. This not only enhances the aesthetic but can also be a cost-effective way to transform your space. Plus, decluttering might even unearth some hidden treasures you can sell or upcycle, adding a touch of unexpected value!

The finishing touches

The devil truly is in the details! Elevate your Fletcher Home by focusing on those finishing touches. Swap out standard hardware for sleek brass or chrome doorknobs and light switches. Consider painting your skirting boards, doors, and door frames in a contrasting colour to create visual interest. Our homes are designed with you in mind, but by tweaking some things to match your personality it can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your interior.

Embrace textures

Just like a well-crafted outfit, a room comes alive with the interplay of textures. Think beyond the standard cotton and add a touch of elegance by incorporating high-quality fabrics like linen throws, bouclé cushions, or soft velvet. Don’t worry about exorbitant costs; high-street retailers often offer excellent alternatives that deliver a luxurious feel at a friendly price.

Statement pieces

Oversized furniture and large-scale artwork can add a touch of drama and sophistication to your Fletcher Home. Don’t shy away from statement pieces! Explore pre-loved websites for unique and affordable headboards or unleash your inner DIYer and create your own using plywood, foam, and fabric. The same goes for wall art – charity shops and vintage markets can be treasure troves for unique pieces. Alternatively, explore your creativity and create your own masterpiece on a budget-friendly canvas.

Harness natural luxury

Incorporate natural elements to add a touch of organic luxury to your Fletcher Home. Lush houseplants not only purify the air but also inject vibrant pops of colour. Think beyond the standard potted fern and explore exotic options like Monstera Deliciosa or Fiddle Leaf Figs – when maintained properly, these plants can last for years ensuring great value for money.

Remember, luxury isn’t about exorbitant price tags; it’s about creating a space that feels comfortable, stylish, and truly yours. Are you ready for a new living space? Our new build homes are designed with beautiful living spaces that allow your family to thrive. Take a look at our current developments or get in touch with us to learn more about our available homes and ways to purchase.


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