How Long Does It Take To Move Into A New Build Home?


How Long Does It Take To Move Into A New Build Home?

15 April 2023

You’ve found the home you want and now you can’t wait to load all your boxes into a moving truck, set off and enjoy your new life in your new home. But how long is it before you can call your new house your home?

There’s a difference between buying a new build home and purchasing an existing house. In this blog, we’ll take you through all you need to know about the process to buying a new build home.

How long does it take to move in after making an offer?

The first stage to purchasing a new build home in Shropshire is finding a home you like and reserving it. To do this you will need to pay a reservation fee – once this is paid, your home is secured for you and no one else will be able to purchase it. The length of time which you can reserve your property for will be stated in the terms and conditions that the homebuilder has set. Once your purchase moves through the process, this fee is typically moved to cover one of your costs, such as your solicitor fees.

The buying process

Anyone who has gone through the buying process before knows that finalising everything is a very stressful ordeal. This is why at Fletcher Homes; we intend to make it as easy and simple as we can for you.

When you’ve chosen the home you want, you’ll need to appoint an Independent Financial Advisor. A good IFA can save you a lot of money in the long run, offering valuable advice throughout the process and guiding you. This is especially beneficial for first time buyers who may be a little apprehensive about the prospect of purchasing a home.

You will also need to hire a solicitor to act on your behalf. If you do not have your own solicitor, your housing developer can recommend one for you. An appointment with your solicitor will need to be set up once you’ve applied for your mortgage, to make sure everything is in order before you exchange contracts.

While still a lengthy process, purchasing a new build in Shropshire is still considerably easier than buying an existing home. This is because there are more negotiations and precautions needed beforehand, over the likes of fixtures and fittings involved. While some delays may be out of your control when buying or selling your property, it’s best to have as much help around you during the process.

What can slow things down?

When buying a house, there are a number of events which could delay getting the keys to your new house. Some may be out of your control, but those obstacles are often less when opting for a new build.

One of those being any nasty surprises coming up in property surveys. All Fletcher Homes have been built to a high standard, with no risk of structural problems arising as everything will be brand new when you move in. The same cannot be said for existing properties, as there could be long ignored issues which may need immediate attention, such as a damp roof or wiring issues.

The vendor is a big factor as to why buying an existing property is a much slower process. With a new build, there’s no chance of a change of heart. Once you reserve your home and pay your fees, it’s all yours. It isn’t the same with a used home. There’s still a chance someone could swoop in and take it for a higher price.

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