How to Choose the Best New Build Home For You


How to Choose the Best New Build Home For You

3 October 2022

New build homes are a big commitment, and there are a lot of considerations when finding for your perfect new home. At Fletcher Homes, we have a checklist you should refer to when looking for your dream home:

1. Reputation of the developer

The first thing to look at is the developer themselves. Each developer will have different process, different locations, different home designs, and of course, different pricing. Take some time to look into the developer, visit their previous developments to get a first-hand view of the quality of their homes and where possible, visit current developments.  If you don’t believe you align with the developer, then there’s no reason to move forward with them! We’ve been building homes since 1940 throughout Shropshire and beyond and have used our experience to design and construct new build developments that cater to the demands of todays buyer.

2. Location

As more and more new build developments are cropping up around the UK, some housing estates may be located further away from town centres and cities. In addition to this, details such as paths and street lighting that allow for safe access to and from the development could be lacking.

Whether it be out in the countryside, or a walk away from the city centre, your personal preference and requirements of location is a huge determining factor when looking for your perfect new build home. You must ensure the location fits your needs! Consider whether the location offers good commuting options for work? Does it have the amenities nearby that will enrich your homelife? And what about schools if you’re a parent? There are all things to consider.

3. House types

Along with the location, it’s also important to look at what kind of home you need. If this is your second home, you might be looking to expand or downsize. Maybe you’re needing an extra office space if you work from home or want another spare room for family visits. Either way, you need to determine which house type you need. If a development doesn’t accommodate the house type you are looking for, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

4. Budget

Whether this is your first, second or even fourth home, budget will always be a critical decision. Research is key when purchasing a new build home to ascertain your affordability in relation to the type of home you want to purchase. There are plenty of house price calculators online that give a good estimate on how much you will be able to afford – these take into consideration your budget, estimated monthly mortgage repayments, etc. and will give you a great start point when researching developments and new build homes. At Fletcher Homes, we offer guidance to help you find the best option for your budget requirements so if you’re unsure on where to start with budgeting and choosing the right home, our team can help.

5. Customisation

One of the many benefits of new build homes is the customisation options available. From choosing your flooring to your kitchen countertops, each developer offers a different range of options. If you are looking for as much customisation as possible in your new build home, investigate what is on offer, this may change depending on house type or the stage of development! At Fletcher Homes we work with some of the UK’s best suppliers for our kitchens, bathrooms and home finishes. You can design the home you want with our upgrade options for your home made beautiful.

These factors may change in priority depending on your situation and you may consider further points to look at, but this list is a great place to start when looking for your perfect new build home. At Fletcher Homes we offer a home buyers guide, with everything you need to know about buying a new build home. Get in touch today to find out more or if you have any questions on what to look for – our team are ready to help. Why not take a look at our current developments?

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