Interior Trends for 2023 to Watch Out For


Interior Trends for 2023 to Watch Out For

10 February 2023

With warm colour palettes and the 1970s coming back into the forefront of home fashion, 2023 will see us looking at the rooms in our houses through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia.

The desire to be warm and comfortable is evident in the latest interior trends that are going to hit our homes this year, getting creative with colour schemes, materials, and the layout of your home.

Dopamine Decor

At the heart of all the trends for 2023 is designing your home in an effort to make you happier in your own space. Through your own vibrant colours and striking patterns, you will be able to create a space that truly speaks to you and your tastes. This year, a lot of people have chosen to incorporate sunset hues into their homes, and what makes anyone happier than watching the sun go down?

As identified in Wayfair’s trend report for 2023, ‘dopamine décor’ is part of the broader trend of ‘comfort core,’ a movement that, by definition, is here to encourage people to become more involved with their home design as a form of escapism…


…which nicely leads us onto the very trend itself. In practise, comfortcore is about how your living space feels. Not just from a visual perspective, but how you feel when using your furniture. Although comfortcore could be used in the form of lively colour schemes, it also encourages people to become more minimalistic, using warmer colours and softer materials. Soft tones are also key to making this trend work, rounding off any sharp corner that could cause you to become on edge (no pun intended). According to Kelly Collins, Interior Designer and Head of Creative at Swyft, “calming textures really came into the limelight during the stressful years of lockdown uncertainty.”

“Unsurprisingly, they’ve yet to fall out of favour. People want their home to feel like a tranquil haven, particularly in the bedroom and living room – both designated for relaxing and filled with plush, soft furnishings.

That 70’s Style

With the return of many retro brands coming back into fashion over the past year, it’s only right that we look to yesteryear for design inspiration. As it turns out, the 1970s were way ahead of us with this whole comfortcore trend. The sepia colour schemes, the rounded furniture, the seating areas that you could literally sink into; they were ahead of the curve, hence why the 70s are making a comeback. This has potentially been fuelled by the vintage trends that started from the kitchen and have now migrated throughout the home. As pre-loved stores continue to thrive online, so will heritage design.

Painted Borders

In the words of House Beautiful, “painted borders is an inexpensive way to play with a room’s structure and perspective, and adds opportunity for interesting colour combinations”. A perfect way to accentuate the colour scheme you’re implementing in your home, painted borders add a different aspect to the design of your rooms and encourage you to play around with the design. You could choose to add a pattern, custom design, or just keep it plain and simple by just adding colour.


After a tumultuous few years following the pandemic, many of us have explored different ways to give ourselves a deep cleanse of any external stresses. This has led to homeowners creating a personal, spa-like space in their homes. Naturally, this space is most likely going to be within the bathroom and investing in this space could provide so many moments of relaxation and tranquillity for years to come.


If you’re looking for a home that allows you to get creative with your living space and utilise the latest interior trends, take a look at our available homes from our developments throughout Shropshire and beyond.


Image courtesy of House Beautiful

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