Kitchen Decor Trends to Transform Your Home


Kitchen Decor Trends to Transform Your Home

31 August 2022

Whether you’ve decided to revamp your existing kitchen space, or you’re starting your dream kitchen from scratch, there are plenty of 2022 kitchen decor trends to take inspiration from.

1. Modern Country

With more people moving to homes in the country, like Shropshire, it’s no surprise that there is a desire for a more rustic, country-inspired look in kitchens. Many homeowners are creating a contrast between the classic and contemporary, pairing exposed beams and distressed brickwork with metallic accents and eye-catching lighting.

2. Soft shapes

Radiating elegance and sophistication, rounded corners is becoming an increasing kitchen decor trend. Particularly used on kitchen worktops or seating areas, rounded corners feel much more natural rather than angular, sharp corners. Combined with contrasting materials on a worktop, this will create an interesting and modern piece in your kitchen.

3. Open display shelves

A trend appearing on social media, open display shelves are becoming the hack for organising your kitchen or pantry – and adding a touch of décor flair. Filled with jars of pasta, rice, and spices, elevate your storage with shelving. Enhance these display shelves even further with LED lighting, upgrading your kitchen from a functional space to an active place to entertain.

4. Brass details

If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen fixtures and fittings, then brass is the latest trend to take inspiration from. Giving a luxury touch to your kitchen, a simple (and low budget!) change to your cupboard handles can transform your space.

5. Invisible kitchens

A more practical kitchen trend, smart kitchen storage ideas are a big theme for 2022. This year follows the ‘no kitchen’ theme, with the idea of hiding all the regular kitchen appliances and tableware behind modern and minimalist storage. Perfect for a smaller kitchen, you can utilise every bit of space on offer with this smart kitchen trend.

With so many options and ideas for your kitchen this year, you can make a simple change to elevate your current look or opt for something completely different. The kitchens in our new homes in Shropshire are designed with the latest décor trends and your lifestyle in mind. Finished to the highest specification and with the latest appliances and mod cons, when you buy a home from Fletcher Homes, you’ll get a kitchen that is perfect for hosting and making memories in.

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