Landscaping at Berrington Meadows

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Landscaping at Berrington Meadows

30 November 2018

As the UK market leader in open space management, Greenbelt has been appointed by Fletcher Homes to look after the landscaped environment on this development including areas of grass, trees, soft and hard landscaping and Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) which are not maintained by the local authority.

Greenbelt will provide residents with a year-round service designed to enhance and maintain the landscape helping to secure the long-term attractiveness of your environment.
Greenbelt manages more than 850 developments across the UK. Our management team includes experts in landscaping, environmental management, horticultural, forestry, drainage, play and leisure facilities. We manage landscapes to suit local conditions in a financially sustainable way.

Fletcher Homes is currently creating the open space on your estate. Once this is completed, ownership of the open space will transfer to Greenbelt ensuring a long-term management and maintenance solution for the future. Fletcher Homes may handover the open space in phases as the development completes. Greenbelt will inform the residents in advance on the intention to access the open space in phases.

To ensure the open space matures as intended; Greenbelt will provide a quality maintenance service, and the landscaping at Berrington Meadows includes:

  • Summer and winter programmes of maintenance
  • A free phone line to our Customer Care department – 0800 028 1749
  • Safety checks to ensure all facilities are maintained in a safe condition
  • Public liability insurance to cover against the unexpected
  • Experienced contract management to ensure a cost effective maintenance service
  • Quality contractors working alongside our experienced contract supervision
  • Regular liaison with organisations such as local authorities, utilities and community police
  • The provision of site plans that identify the areas we are and will be managing and maintaining
  • A homeowners pack providing details of all Greenbelt services
  • Up-to-date website information for homeowners
  • Cost effective and informative bills which set out the programme of works and, after the first year, the work we have completed

To deliver this service Greenbelt will charge each homeowner an equal share of the annual management cost, known as the Annual Management Charge (AMC). This obligation is covered in the title deeds of your new home. The initial AMC agreed with your developer is £144 plus VAT.This figure will be increased yearly in-line with the retail price index starting from 1st October 2018. Once Greenbelt starts to manage the open space the AMC will then be calculated from the anticipated management cost for the next year.

Once the management of the open space has been transferred to Greenbelt we will send you a letter confirming these arrangements along with your Homeowners’ information leaflet which describes our service in more detail.

If you have any questions, please call 08450 940 940 and we will be pleased to help you. Alternatively you can visit

Information is available to download on the Berrington Meadows development page.

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