Mental & Physical Benefits of Gardening


Mental & Physical Benefits of Gardening

15 August 2023

Imagine a world where your outdoor space transforms into a haven of flourishing plants and refreshing greenery. Gardening, the art of nurturing plants and watching them bloom, is a wonderfully accessible natural remedy for happiness. It’s not just about growing pretty plants; it’s about getting back to basics and feeling more connected to nature. Let’s dive into the world of gardening and learn how you can make it a refreshing part of your life.

Your wellbeing in bloom

Gardening is like a secret recipe for feeling amazing, it encompasses so many wellbeing practices that naturally benefit your mind and body and provides a consistent source of mood enhancement. Gardening can be a dynamic and enjoyable workout; digging, planting, and taking care of plants are mini exercises that help your heart and make you feel strong. Depending on how much you do, you can mindlessly be burning calories without feeling like you are working out. No gym membership or fancy new running trainers are required, just a positive mindset and an invested interest! Plus, having a garden that helps local animals and insects flourish is a wonderful contribution to helping your local environment.

Happy garden, happy gardener

Gardening has a special power to chase away stress and make you feel relaxed. A government study found that people who garden frequently feel less stressed and happier. Those who garden every day have smiles that are 6.6% bigger and frowns that are 4.2% smaller! So, get outside, get your hands dirty and feel that smile grow. Gardening is also a great way to have some quality family time away from screens and exterior distractions. Everyone can join in, from planting seeds to watering, no matter what the size of the gardening task, they’re all crucial to the overall experience. A wholesome and practical experience for the whole family where real-time results can be tracked and enjoyed.

Green tips to getting started

Residential circumstances should not limit anyone to enjoying the benefits of gardening on any scale. No matter what size your garden is or whether you are incorporating some garden practices into your interiors, we have some simple tips for getting started:

Plan Smart

Design your garden to match the time you can spend taking care of it. It’s like planning a menu for your garden feast! Set simple goals to start with to keep motivation high.

Be a Season Pro

Think ahead and plant your gardening for the right time for each season. Speaking to your local garden centre or researching seasonal plants will give you a great idea of what works best throughout the year and what will give you the best results.

Balcony Brilliance

If you have a balcony, you can still have the space for a beautiful mini garden. Hang pots over the edge or get stuck into some seasonal potted plant beds and watch the magic happen.

Window Wonders

No outdoor space? No problem! Lots of plants love the abundance of natural light they receive growing on windowsills. It’s like having a tiny piece of garden inside your home and brightens up your window arrangements all year round.

Harvest Local Garden Inspiration

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Here are a few places you can visit if you’re seeking gardening ideas or just want to spend some time outside somewhere beautiful:

Wollerton Old Hall Garden, Market Drayton

Situated in north Shropshire and set around a 16th Century Hall and, Wollerton Old Hall is a formal, modern garden on an old site. Covering 4 acres, its garden rooms are richly planted with perennials and bursting with design ideas. The garden is renowned for its salvias, clematis and roses, growing in controlled exuberance, and the clever use of colour, form and scale.

Powis Castle, Powys

Wander the Italianate terraces set atop the magnificent Mid Wales countryside hilltop and marvel at this 300-year-old world-class garden. Soak in the herbaceous borders’ riot of colour, cool off with a shaded woodland walk or spend a lazy afternoon relaxing in the Fountain Garden.

Hodnet Hall Gardens, Market Drayton

Tucked away in Market Drayton, the stunning Hodnet Hall Gardens present a dynamic canvas of rare and native species that have been planted over centuries. A heady mix of paths, waterways and secret spaces that create joy and spark inspiration for any visitor.

The Dingle Garden, Welshpool

The Dingle Garden is set in the heart of glorious mid-Wales, just two miles from the bustling market town of Welshpool. Beds bursting with colour from a wide array of shrubs and perennials line the meandering walk in this peaceful garden, leading you to a secluded lake and adjoining waterfall.

Let’s Get Growing!

Gardening is like a special magic trick that turns your outdoor space into a place of happiness. Even if you have a tiny spot or live in an apartment, you can join the green-fingered movement. Don’t be afraid to get out and get your hands dirty and feel the powerfully positive energy gardening practices can bring!

At Fletcher Homes, we aim to provide improved lifestyles for people, not just improved housing. If you feel like you need a larger outdoor space to implement your aspirational gardening visions, why not check out our current developments? Or get in touch with our team to speak about what house and garden size could work for you.

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