Why New Build Homes Are Greener

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Why New Build Homes Are Greener

24 March 2023

Heading into the near distant future, energy efficient homes are becoming more important than ever for a number of reasons. With a new build home, you have the best chance to reap the benefits of a more environmentally friendly way of life. If you want your home to be more energy efficient, here’s how you could achieve this with a new build home.

Protecting the environment

It isn’t just our surroundings you’ll be saving when moving into a new build, but also those of the wildlife we share it with. Biodiversity net gain has become integral in housing development, with homebuilders now committing themselves to increasing how biodiverse their development areas can be. In fact, the Environment Act 2021 states that all planning permissions granted within the country must include at least 10% biodiversity, therefore encouraging house builders to work with local authorities to meet the government’s regulations.

Reduces carbon emissions

According to research conducted by the Home Builders Federation, owners of new build homes are saving 570,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere every year. This tremendous collective effort is due to over 80% of new build homes being rated with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of B and above. Fletcher Homes is proud to join this cause.

Save on your energy bills

Living in a more efficient home doesn’t mean the benefits are strictly limited to saving the environment. While it reduces energy waste, new build homes also reduced unnecessary household costs. On average, new build homeowners save more than £2,500 on energy bills each year (and over £3,000 when looking at new build properties alone). In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, these are figures buyers today want, and need, to see.

Meeting the Future Homes Standard

As the UK looks towards a greener future, construction of all houses will have to follow new regulations to reduce the volume of damage caused to the environment. By 2025, CO2 emissions produced by new homes will be reduced by 75%, and the improvements are likely to continue far after this. So, if you want to keep saving on your energy bills for the foreseeable, making the switch to a new build home could benefit you sooner rather than later.

Ready to make the move?

At Fletcher Homes, we offer high-quality homes across Shropshire and beyond. All our homes and developments have been thoughtfully designed to be comfortable, modern and energy efficient. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for a family home, we have a range of homes to suit all budgets.


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