Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Move Into Your New Home


Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Move Into Your New Home

20 May 2024

Thinking about moving homes? You couldn’t have picked a better time! Summer isn’t just about basking in sunshine and exploring the great outdoors – it’s also the ideal season to move into a brand-new home. Here at Fletcher Homes, we understand the excitement (and maybe a touch of stress) that comes with moving.

So, if you’re considering entering into the buying process, here are some top reasons why summer might be the perfect time to settle into your new forever home.

Making moving a summer breeze

Forget the stress of battling winter chills and fading daylight. Summer’s long, sunny days make unpacking and settling into your new Fletcher Home a breeze. Imagine basking in the warm sunshine as you unpack those boxes, letting the natural light illuminate your new space, and feeling a sense of accomplishment without the pressure of dwindling daylight.

The extended daylight of summer isn’t just good for moving – it’s fantastic for getting to know your new surroundings! Even after a long day unpacking, you’ll have plenty of time to stroll through your new neighbourhood, discover parks or local amenities, or explore nearby walking trails.

Embrace summer simplicity

Moving during the summer break allows you to skip the disruption of a mid-school-year transition. With your children free from school schedules, you’ll have more time to focus on the move itself and help them adjust to their new surroundings. Plus, the summer break offers a wealth of opportunities to create lasting family memories in your new home.

Summer brings warmer weather and a desire to throw open the windows and embrace fresh air. Fletcher Homes are designed with this in mind, featuring open floor plans and large windows that allow for natural ventilation and a connection to the outdoors. Wake up to the gentle summer breeze wafting through your new home, filling the space with fresh air and natural light, and creating a healthy and inviting environment.

Connecting with your new community

We take pride in building our communities in desirable locations. Whether it’s being surrounded by the rolling Shropshire hills in Leintwardine or exploring the vibrancy of Ellesmere market town, our locations are second to none. Summer offers the perfect opportunity to embrace the outdoors, discover the hidden gems around your new Fletcher Home, and truly connect with your new community.

Summer is of course synonymous with outdoor gatherings, and your new Fletcher Home becomes the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories. With longer evenings and warm weather, you can finally unpack those boxes of outdoor furniture and throw a housewarming party to remember.


Ready to make your move this summer? At Fletcher Homes, we have a variety of stunning homes ready to move in to across our current developments. Browse our available properties now and discover your perfect summer oasis!

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