Benefits of Visiting a Show Home

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Benefits of Visiting a Show Home

10 August 2022

When looking at buying a new build property, there are certain considerations you need to factor in before fully committing. This can include getting a sense of what your new home may look and feel like – this can be done by visiting one of our development show homes. If you’re toying with the idea of coming to see a show home, we’ve shared some of the reasons why you can benefit from come and having a look:


The most important thing when looking for your new home, is making sure you can live in it! With our fully furnished and decorated show homes, you will be able to get an accurate idea of what it will look like once you’ve moved in. Having the opportunity to walk around and see the show home first hand will allow you to visualise the ambience and true feeling of the home. Coming to see a show home could be that deciding factor that makes you realise you need more or less space, or if the home is perfect for you!

Seeing the space

Whilst viewing images, site plans, and tours online are a great way to initially see the space of a home, another important benefit from viewing a show home is you’ll get a detailed insight into the amount of space you would have. This will also allow you to see elements such as storage spaces that might not be available online! Whether this is your first home, or you’re looking to upgrade the space you have, it’s important to get a sense of whether it’s exactly right for all your requirements.


We all love decorating and figuring out how we want to furnish our home, and as our show homes are fully decorated, it will give you some inspiration when you come to plan your own! At Fletcher Homes, we draw on current interior trends and utilise the space available to give you the best visualisation of your future home.

Similarly, if you’re moving from a previous home, visiting a show home is the perfect opportunity to take measurements of your current furniture items, and then comparing this to the space in the show home to see how they will fit.


Another major factor when buying a home is the location. Visiting a show home will allow you to look around the area as a whole – not just the home itself. You may find the location too loud, or that you love the greenery surrounding the development, going to see it in person will always give you a better idea than seeing images online!

The human touch

There will be a Fletcher Homes representative available ton site at all our show homes to answer any questions you may have, giving you direct access to any further information on the development and telling you about upgrades and specifications that help you design your own home.

At Fletcher Homes, we make a show home available on every development. If you have any questions on visiting show homes, get in touch with us.






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