Signs It’s Time To Move Home

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Signs It’s Time To Move Home

13 March 2023

We never move into a new home instantly thinking about packing up and moving into a new home. But as time moves on, priorities change and our families grow, it might be time to get yourself back on the housing market and find somewhere that really is perfect for you and your current needs. Here are some signs that now is the time for you to move home.

You don’t have enough space for everything

When you’ve filled your cupboards and are running out of tidy and logical places to store items, this should be an indication that you’re running out of space! This more commonly occurs as children outgrow their bedroom and furniture or acquire too many toys for the space they have. Or, it could be that your family has grown beyond the means in your existing home. While it might be worth looking at more effective storage options, it may be better to start searching for a new home with more space and storage options. More specifically, The Burlton at Hawthorn Rise, one of the most practical homes on Hawthorn Rise.

Your house is too big

While on the topic of children, there will come a point where they spread their wings and move out of the family home. For some of us, that time is much further down the line, but for those with older kids, your current home may feel a lot bigger once they’ve left. You’ll start to notice all the extra unused space, plus the time needed for extra cleaning and more expensive utility bills. Downsizing is the perfect solution to combat this problem, reducing your outgoings. Our Hawthorn Rise home, The Henley, may be the perfect home for you to downsize with, whilst providing a cosy and welcoming environment.

Your house needs too much work

You’ve seen potential in an older property, but its proven to be an order that’s too tall for you – it happens to the best of us. If you’ve grown tired of the constant maintenance and costs associated with it, a new build might be your best option. At Fletcher Homes, we know a thing or two when it comes to modern builds. Here’s what to look out for when maintaining a new build.

You no longer need to commute

Working from home proved very popular during the COVID pandemic – so much so, that many of us have stuck to this more remote way of living. By going into the workplace less, it gives you more reason to look for properties further afield that benefit from masses of space and beautiful surroundings. What you need is great home working conditions in a prime location. The Jebb  at Miller’s Gate, our exclusive development, is the answer to both.

Your commute is too long

If you haven’t adopted working from home, you’ll want to be within close distance of the office. To strike that sweet spot in your work/life balance and give yourself more time to relax at home after work, relocate somewhere which is in close proximity or has great transport links. Our current developments – Hawthorn Rise in Ellesmere and Millers Gate in Tibberton, near Newport provide homeowners with fantastic travel connections, including train stations, bus routes and easy access to major motorways.

You crave the outdoor life

Growing tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? It’s time to opt for a more open way of life. Large garden, private spaces, nature walks that are right on your doorstep – all of this could be yours by looking further afield. At Fletcher Homes, we build high specification homes in a wide variety of locations across Shropshire and beyond that offer the great outdoors right on your doorstep.

Your layout doesn’t work for you anymore

To make life at home the best it can be, improving the public and private spaces in your home is the perfect way to start. If your layout isn’t what you want, but you don’t want the effort of changing your current property, investing in a new home is the perfect option. Allow us to suggest The Darby, located at our Millers Gate development. This property has the open-plan way of living you need, designed with family living in mind.

You want better amenities

While there are plenty of benefits to rural living, these go out the window when your home is far from local amenities and neighbouring towns or villages. In today’s modern world, we love convenience and having what we need nearby – such as schools, shops, etc. All of our developments are built with communities in mind, located nearby to some of the best schools, retail outlets and much more for your perfect new life.

You’d love to make your mark on a blank canvas

When buying a property, don’t inherit someone else’s work. Have your own blank canvas to truly make your home your own for the foreseeable future, and with a Fletcher Home, you really can manifest your dream home.


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